Access Bars

This is a very gentle, relaxing, yet profound energy healing treatment, suitable for all ages. The client lies down /reclines on a chair fully clothed whilst the practitioner touches various energy points known as “the Bars” on the head. These energy points run through and around the head -when touched they have the potential to release old thoughts, feelings, emotions, stuck energies and any old self-limiting beliefs. This creates more space and ease. It is likened to pressing the delete button on your phone or computer. Having your “Bars run” can be used to facilitate change in all/ any areas of your life!

Before Access Bars

After Access Bars

How Can Access Bars Help You?

Access Bars is good for releasing any sort of stress, anxiety, depression, tension. It can help ease aches and pains in the body.

  • It can help with sleep and recovery from illness/ injuries/ surgery.
  • It can safely be experienced in pregnancy and postnatally, bringing ease and wellbeing. There is evidence that giving birth can be easier, and is very beneficial for postnatal wellbeing/ help relieve postnatal depression.
  • It is beneficial for children of all ages/stages and can help with childhood issues. 
  • It can be very useful for children/ students and their abilities to learn /exam nerves, boosting self-esteem and confidence.
  • Access Bars can help at any time of life with any changes/stresses / age-related changes/ grief and bereavements.
  • It can help with any health issue/ weight management/ addition to any health programme.
  • I have literally used Access Bars with babies/ young children through to Elders/ end of life care to bring more ease, relaxation, and peace. So much ease and relaxation can happen in just one session -I have personally experienced upsets/ concerns vanish within a session myself, and equally, I have witnessed clients arrive in stress and pain, and leave feeling very much happier!
  • Access Bars/ “having your Bars run” is a great way to enhance personal development -you do not need to have “an issue” to experience this treatment to benefit! It is a wonderful way to enhance your health and wellbeing on a regular basis too!
  • The best way to find out more is to experience this amazing technique it is like a gift that keeps on giving more space, peace and ease, creating new possibilities in Life!
  • Access Bars is a hands-on treatment.