Rapid Transformational Therapy

What Is RTT?

Rapid transformational therapy is a powerful, innovative therapy that gets to the root cause of why we may feel stuck. It is a method that combines the most effective techniques from NLP (neuro-linguistic programming); CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy), hypnotherapy and psychotherapy with the ability to transform lives effectively and permanently.

You could never know what you are capable of because as you get to it, your potential allows you to go even further.

Marisa Peer

RTT has been created by the world-renowned hypnotherapist, Marisa Peer. It is taking the world by storm, receiving accolades and awards as it works so powerfully and permanently.

Renate Wimborne a certified hypnotherapist with Marisa Peer

What To Expect

During a session, we swiftly uncover the negative meanings/ interpretations (self-beliefs) from previous life events and change the meaning to ones that are positive and empowering. Willpower or logic on its own can be hard work, yet by engaging the subconscious mind, literally, anything can be possible and change can be profound, bringing out the best in you.

It comes with a personalized, bespoke recording to listen to post-session to permanently re-wire the subconscious mind, enabling you to create new thoughts, habits and behaviour for fast, effective long-term change.

I am so delighted to be trained in this award-winning method and it is such a joy to witness transformation! RTT can be used to help with literally all areas of your life -it can be used to overcome confidence/ self-esteem issues; fears, anxieties and phobias; help with depression; with bodily pain and physical issues; grief/ loss/ bereavement; sleep issues; relationships; and help you perform at your very best and step into a brilliant future!

You too can have similar powerful results. Ready to move forward with your life?

RTT is available with me on Zoom or in person.

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