This is a safe, gentle, non-invasive hands-on natural healing using universal life
force energy. The Reiki energy knows where to go to help heal and works on all
levels- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The Reiki energy helps to
create a deep sense of wellbeing by removing any energy blocks, bringing
balance and harmony. Its changes can be subtle, yet powerful, as the body,
mind and spirit rebalance. Reiki can be beneficial for most physical, mental
and emotional concerns. It is not a belief system- it works if you believe in it or
not. Reiki is wonderful as a complementary therapy too, as it works to enhance
the body’s healing, so it can be safely used with any other medical/ alternative
treatment plan.

What to Expect

The client is fully clothed, lying relaxed. The Reiki energy is transferred through
the laying on of hands through a series of hand positions.
Reiki is available with Renate in person.
Distant Reiki healing can also be sent distantly through time and space –
available with an initial Zoom consultation- great if you are unable to attend
physically due to symptoms/ physical restrictions/ geography.