Specialist Areas

Anxiety / Depression

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Confidence and Self Esteem

I can help you regain your natural self-esteem and confidence.
RTT can easily get to the blocks that stop you from reaching your full potential
and feeling fully confident. With the awareness of what is holding you back,
you can easily and readily step into a new version of yourself!

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Grief and Loss

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Weight Loss

Struggling with weight issues? Tried more diets than you can count? Help is at hand! RTT has had incredible success at getting to the core issues of weight concerns, and has helped many to feel motivated and easily enjoy healthy eating/ lifestyle/ desired changes. 

Please contact me for starting the change you are looking for!

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Sleep Problems

Difficulty sleeping? Feeling tired all the time? Unable to relax or feel rested?

All these modalities will help you feel rested, rejuvenated and more relaxed. 

RTT can get to the core issues of anything that is on your mind/ what is stopping you from naturally getting a good night’s sleep.

Time to feel more rested?

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If you are struggling with relationships, RTT has been shown to be an excellent way of getting to the heart of the problem. This then enables you to make empowered choices in your everyday life. 

Any sort of relationship issue can be helped by RTT, Access Bars, Reiki or Tapping.

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Life Purpose

Feeling there is more to Life?

Lost your mojo?

Finding a connection to your purpose in life

Blocks to being the best version of yourself?

Spiritual connection

All the modalities I practice can help you feel connected, motivated, empowered to fulfil your dreams and goals. 

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Body Pain/ Body Conditions

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